Movement exercises

The first part of the book are exercises to discover movements.

The position of the batonFiguration of all beatsThe staccato figurationVelocitiesThe figuration with the Upbeat breath exercisePosition and eye exerciseThe piano and forte zoneClosure of notesThe no.8Lines with the left handExercise with the left wristAccellerandos and ritenutosExercises of independenceRhythm tab-exercisesExercise for mental preparation for orchestra and the stageChanging of beatings

Exercises of independence

Exercises  for the independence of the hands - play

A clear figuration of the „4“ with a regular line of the left arm. Métr. = 60


Keep in the right hand the legato,in the meanwhile the left hand is conducting impulsations - play 

The same in this exercise - exercise a - exercise b - exercise c - exercise d  - exercise e -  exercise f

The same in this exercise with the flat line -  exercises a b c d e - exercise f


Exercise of coordination: - play

Left hand:                                                                               Right hand with baton:

Figaration of the 4                                                                Figuration of the 3

5 to 4

Try tapping 5 within a 4 legato beat - play

Beat the figuration of 2 – 12, with the left ellbow you fill the space in the beat. (Metr.: 90) - play