Index and demos of chapters

  • Movement exercises
    • The position of the baton
    • Figuration of all beats
    • The staccato figuration
    • Velocities
    • The figuration with the "+"
    • Upbeat breath exercise
    • Position and eye exercise
    • The piano and forte zone
    • Closure of notes
    • The no.8
    • Lines with the left hand
    • Exercise with the left wrist
    • Accellerandos and ritenutos
    • Exercises of independence
    • Rhythm tab-exercises
    • Exercise for a mental preparation for the orchestra and the stage
    • Changing of beatings
  • Ear exercises
    • Exercises for the ear
      • Ear concentration on intervals and intonation
        Ear concentrated on group intonation
        Ear concentrated on vibrato
        Ear concentraded on ranges
        Ear concentraded on different tempi
        Ear concentraded on a bass line
    • Ear concentraded on the pronunciation of a text
      • Open vowels
        Closed vowels 
        Soft voiced "s"
        Strong, unvoiced "s"
        Some other general examples
        Tonic accents
    • Beating and speaking at the same time a opera–aria text
    • Beating a recitative with speaking the text
  • Working on the score
    • The individual preparation of the score
    • Working on a score
    • Difficult score-reading
    • A way how to work on a score in order to conduct mostly by memory
    • The “outside” information of a score
    • Scales" for conductors (regular period exercises, arround 60 min.)
  • Exercises linked to the repertoire
  • The rehearsal with orchestra
    • String problems
    • Woodwind observations
    • Brass observations
    • Balance in the winds
    • Wind–intonation
    • Percussion observations
    • Coordination-observations between the whole orchestra
    • Coordination observations between the orchestra and the stage
    • Intonation–rehearsal for the whole orchestra
    • Planning of rehearsal time
  • The rehearsal with soloists
  • The rehearsal with singers
  • The rehearsal with ballet-dancers
    • The rehearsal with ballet-dancers
    • Exercice for ballet-conducting
  • Conclusion